The iCHIP research lab focuses on designing efficient integrated circuits in various applications. The lab’s research will focus on these three themes:

1- Energy Harvesting and Power management: The lab will design energy harvesting circuits to assist or replace batteries to achieve self-powered and autonomous operation. This includes efficient, low power converters, regulators and battery chargers. Further, we develop an efficient energy-scavenging platform that can harvest from a wide range of energy sources and can be integrated into numerous systems.

2- Intelligent Healthcare Systems: This research explores wearable healthcare systems that can continuously monitor various vital signs to early detect different issues and report heath status updates to patient(s)/doctor(s). Further, this research will extend toward implants that can perform sensing and actuation such as neuromodulation. Such chips can replace standard medication treatments.

3- Mixed-signal Machine Learning Hardware: This research focuses on designing analog and mixed-signal circuits to implement various machine learning computing platforms on the hardware level. This has the potential to replace the typical computing systems that depends on CPU/GPU and memory with more energy efficient implementations.

4- Wireless Power/Data Telemetry: The research will include investigating several techniques for powering bioelectronics implants for in-vivo sensing and actuating such as pacemakers, Cochlear and brain implants. Current methods depend mainly on small batteries, however, due to the need for miniaturization and continuous monitoring, the challenges to power these tiny devices for long periods of time requires wireless power and a high data rate communication channel.

We are continuously seeking highly talented and motivated Ph.D. students interested in Integrated circuits design, energy harvesting and power management circuits, wireless power/ data transfer, portable/ implantable healthcare systems and bioelectronics. Fill out the interest form to apply.